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O objetivo deste estudo é analisar os conhecimentos, as atitudes e as perceções de homens zimbabueanos residentes em meios urbanos relativamente ao alongamento dos pequenos lábios.

Esta análise tem por base um estudo qualitativo realizado em Chitungwiza, Harare, em 2012. Foram recolhidos dados sobre a percepção dos homens acerca do procedimento, as motivações, a sua relevância para o casamento e para a vida sexual, e as suas implicações em termos de saúde.

The findings demonstrate that labia minora elongation is recognized in Zimbabwe as a practice that enhances the sexual pleasure for both male and female partners, and that there are no perceived harms to women’s health.

More research is necessary to better understand the role of labia minora elongation in sexuality and acceptance of HIV/STI barrier methods.

After a few prodding questions to girlfriends who had kids (and vaginal births) about just how "uncomfortable" or painful post baby sex should be, I was able to determine that my own experience was definitely not a standard case of post-pregnancy healing taking its time.

Once the tests were in I went back to the office and they told me that they didn't know what was up, but that they thought it might be endometriosis (something I've never had any hint of having before) and that the best thing they could suggest was that I stop breastfeeding and go on the pill. Repeated attempts at intercourse were seeing no improvement and I was convinced that the diagnosis of possible endometriosis was not getting at the actual problem. Frankly, I often started to worry that the whole thing was in my head.

Around the opening of the vagina, there are 2 sets of skin folds.

Without trusting either the teller or the tale this time around, there is something that rings true in Ian Mc Ewans On Chesil Beach, Daphne Merkin writes. Living as we do in a time of prescribed sexual candor, we assume that what goes on between other people's sheets isn't hard to imagine, that we can pretty much envision what is going on over in Bedroom X and what is failing to take place in Bedroom Y.The vulva is the outer part of the female genitals.The vulva includes the opening of the vagina (sometimes called the vestibule), the labia majora (outer lips), the labia minora (inner lips), and the clitoris.Only if it's done right"), precisely because there is so much stretch in the material, allowing space for an infinite game of compare-and-contrast: How do other people do it? Ian Mc Ewan, who has considered the perversities and distortions of sexual desire from the very beginning of his long career (in a story from his earliest book, "First Love, Last Rites" (1975), a sociopathic narrator blithely introduces his younger sister to the discreet charms of incest) has set his latest novel in 1962, a year in which the sexual climate was virtually indistinguishable from that of the repressed '50s. Talese, 208 pages, ) takes us back into an England of muffled urges and inedible cuisine, to a time when "the Pill was a rumor in the newspapers, a ridiculous promise, another of those tall tales about America." It is an age when marriage generally preceded or immediately followed sexual intercourse and "when to be young was a social encumbrance, a mark of irrelevance, a faintly embarrassing condition for which marriage was the cure." We are introduced in Part I to a young couple, Edward and Florence, on their wedding night.Rather, we enter the narrative smack in the lead-up to their wedding night, as, preparatory to tying the carnal knot, they eat dinner served off a trolley by two flustered "youths in dinner jackets" in their hotel suite on the Dorset coast.

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